• PLUFIX Gas Heated Textile Dryers are ideal for the curing of inks after the screen printing process
  • Thanks to the “Actual Curing Time” feature; instead of belt speed value, the real curing time in the heat chamber is displayed on the operator's control panel
  • The speed and direction of the belts can be adjusted independently.
  • The portable operator control panel allows flexibility and ease of use
  • Using the “Temperature Calibration Page”, the dryer can be calibrated to show the actual garment temperature on the operator’s display.
  • In the event of electrical failure, the independent power supply will continue to run the belt for an additional 3-4 minutes



PLUFIX Offers %100 Reliability

  • PLUFIX performs 6 separate safety checks each time it is started
  • The “Defect Seeking” system will display any fault on the operator’s panel and sound an alarm
  • Emergency stop safety buttons are located both on in-feed & out-feed conveyors and on the electric panel as well
  • Top quality control and gas equipment such as DUNGS, KROM SCHRODER, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, are used in PLUFIX
  • The PLC unit organizes and controls; Max-Min Gas Pressure, Blower Air Pressure, High Temperature, Ignition and Flame Control, Double Gas Filter and Double Solenoid, Gas Pressure and Volume Regulator as well as the control of all Motor Failures and Failure Resets
  • The FIBERFLON brand belts are heat resistant up to 250°C (482°F) and both sides are Kevlar® by DuPont™
  • Single belt and double belt models are available
  • Stainless steel entry & exit openings are adjustable
  • The temperature can be set up to 200°C (392°F)



PLUFIX is User Friendly

  • PLUFIX is operated by a single-touch button
  • All failures can be read in ENGLISH on the operator’s display
  • The PLC unit digitaly controls and displays the process temperature and set temperature
  • The “System Saver” feature means that, with a single touch it cools down and then shuts down automatically
  • With its “Easy Cleaning Cover” on the blower, there is no need to uninstall the blower for cleaning
  • Due to its practical design, the filters only take 10 minutes to clean
  • The fabric fibers and dust are burnt in the burner section, so the machine remains clean



PLUFIX is Economical

  • Due to its stainless steel atmospheric burner, it offers great economy
  • High density rock-wool insulation and special design silicon gaskets reduce heat loss to a minimum
  • An accurate SCHNEIDER PLC control system reduces gas consumption and ensures precise temperature control




  • Cooling system
  • IR Ceramic Heating Zone
  • Special assembly system fits through any door
  • Special design inlet and outlet