IR CURE Infrared Dryer

  • Multipurpose IR dryer for digital prints, sample prints, plastisols and other evaporative inks
Textile Industry : All kind of prints, label prints
Electronic Industry : PCB Boards and inks
Paper Industry : Paper sheets
Shoe Industry : Prints, sole, insole, sticking process
Plastic Industry : Prints,shrink,
Packing Industry : Prints,shrink,Jewel Industry, Chemical Industry, Advertising Industry, Food Industry,




  • Modular dryer body and digital control panel
  • Electrostatically painted dryer body
  • Easy installation system
  • Perfect insulation with high density rock-wool
  • Special design silicon gaskets
  • The FIBERFLON brand belts are heat resistant up to 250°C and both sides are Kevlar® by DuPont™
  • The speed and direction of the belt can be adjusted



Control Panel

  • Digitally controlled temperature
  • The logic control system enables the operator to control minimum & maximum power of the IR Quartz Tubes
  • “Maximum Power” can be limited on the digital control panel
  • Power can be adjusted digitally between 0-100
  • “Continuous Glowing Lamps” are controlled by the logic control system
  • The temperature can be set up to 200°C (392°F)



Heat Chamber

  • Economic heating with IR Quartz Tubes
  • Adjustable IR panel height
  • Top quality IR Quartz Tubes
  • Heat Resistant silicon cables




  • Additional exhaust system
  • Additional heat chamber